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Consumer Products

Bicycle Accessories | Power Tools | Electronic Cases | Ergonomic Pens | POP Displays | Sports Accessories | Textiles | Keyboards | Kitchen Appliances | Utensil Dispensers


LED Lighting | Lighting Simulation | CFD | Packaging & Concepting | Motorsport Modifications | Police Squad Accessories


Passenger Displays | Lighting Accessories | Wing Lighting | Electrical Routing


Surgical Tools | Biopsy Devices | Epinephrine Devices | Defibrillator Accessories | Prosthetics | Clinic Equipment | Personal Protective Equipment

Industrial & Tooling

Rotational Molds | Injection Molds | Industrial Cooling/Chillers | Jigs & Fixtures | Thermoforming Tooling | Fuel Rating Equipment | Automation Equipment | Batch Processing Equipment

LED Lighting

Packaging & Housings | Thermal & Heatsinks | Optical & Light Pipes | VR & Simulation | Automotive Lighting | Offroad Lighting | Architectural & Decorative Lighting


Packaging & Transport | Heavy Machinery Transport | Medical Accessories | Surgical Lighting | Fleet Lighting

Heavy Equipment

Mining & Shovels | Military Transport | Shipping Crates & Transportation | Lighting & Routing

Client Size

Solo startups, growing companies, and global corporations all have a place in our portfolio of successful projects. No client is too small or too large for CatOne’s array of services. 




Engineering + Design

Product Development
From concept to completion, we specialize in creating innovative and functional product designs tailored to your needs.
Our surfacing expertise ensures smooth and aesthetically pleasing designs for your products using the latest CAD tools to develop your stylized product.
Industrial Design
We blend creativity with functionality to craft industrial designs that stand out in the market using sketching, conceptual CAD, and photorealistic rendering tools.
Mechanical Design
Precision and reliability define our mechanical design services, ensuring your products perform optimally.
Design for Manufacturing
We optimize designs for efficient manufacturing processes without compromising on quality or performance.
Detailing + Tolerancing
Our meticulous detailing and tolerancing techniques ensure the accuracy and integrity of your designs.
Packaging Design
What's a great product without safe and styled custom packaging to present it in? Our packaging design services will make sure your product is shown in its best light.
Guidance + Questions
Not sure where to go, but don't need any labor? We offer expert guidance and support throughout the design process, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.
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Our static structural simulations help analyze and optimize the strength and integrity of your designs, ensuring they meet industry standards.
Utilizing advanced optical simulation software, we enhance the performance and efficiency of optical systems.
Our thermal simulations assess and optimize the thermal performance of your products, ensuring they remain cool under the toughest conditions.
Generative Design
We leverage generative design algorithms and AI to explore innovative design solutions, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
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Photorealistic Rendering

Product Mockups
Our photorealistic product mockups bring your concepts to life, allowing you to visualize your designs before production at anytime during the development process.
Conceptual Visions
We transform your ideas into captivating visual representations, inspiring confidence in your project's potential early in the process.
Dynamic animations showcase the functionality and features of your products, engaging your audience and highlighting key selling points.
Pre-Production Photos
Our high-quality pre-production photos provide a glimpse into the future, setting the stage for successful product launches.
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Brand Development

Logo Design
Our custom logo designs capture the essence of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
Design Guide Development
We create comprehensive design guides that ensure consistency and cohesion across all your brand assets.
Product Styling + Labels
Our product styling and label design services elevate your brand identity, distinguishing you from the competition.
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Marketing Material

Website Design
Our captivating website designs effectively communicate your brand story and offerings, driving engagement and conversions.
Print Designs
From brochures to business cards, our print designs convey professionalism and attention to detail, leaving a memorable impression.
Social Media Development
We craft compelling social media graphics and content that resonate with your audience, boosting brand awareness and engagement.
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3D Printing

With expertise in various 3D printing technologies we bring your designs to life with precision and efficiency.
Our finishing services add the final touches to your 3D-printed prototypes, ensuring they meet your exact specifications and quality standards.
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Digital Prototypes

Product Rendering
Our digital prototypes provide realistic representations of your products, enabling you to validate designs and gather feedback early in the development process.
Product Animation
Dynamic product animations showcase the functionality and features of your designs, enhancing comprehension and engagement.
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Finished Prototypes

Prototype Tooling
We provide prototype tooling guidance and connections to bring your designs from concept to reality, enabling rapid iteration and refinement.
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With deep roots in comprehensive product, mechanical, and graphic design, CatOne bridges the gap between visionary ideas and functional realities, delivering precision and excellence in every endeavor.

Located in Southeast Wisconsin, CatOne benefits from the region’s storied design and manufacturing legacy, rooted in the industrial prowess of cities like Milwaukee and the broader Midwest, shaping our approach with a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and innovation.

Always designed in the USA

Colin Gliniecki | Owner

With over 12 years in consulting in both the design and engineering realms, Colin Gliniecki boasts a rich career as a product designer, collaborating with hundreds of clients across various industries, from startups to established corporations in consumer products, LED lighting, automotive, and many other industries. His commitment to tailoring design solutions to each client’s vision has fostered enduring relationships and established him as a trusted collaborator within the design community. Beyond his professional achievements, Colin’s hands-on approach to life, inspired by his background in motorsports and cycling, infuses his designs with practicality and real-world functionality. This unique blend of professional expertise and mechanical insight enables him to create designs that seamlessly marry theory with everyday usability.

The Name

Inspired by the elite “Cat One” category in cycling, a sport that also represents our founder’s largest hobby, CatOne symbolizes the pinnacle of speed, excellence, and expertise. This passion for cycling reflects our commitment to innovation, quality, and precision, driving us to exceed expectations and push boundaries in every project, mirroring the determination and prowess of top-tier athletes.

The Logo

Influenced by Colin’s passion for motorsports with a unique cycling twist, CatOne’s logo embodies a rich heritage steeped in motorsport roots—a pivotal source of the skills and knowledge Colin draws upon today. The logo’s five bars symbolize the levels of competitive cycling, with the top accentuated to denote the pinnacle of expertise, skill, and velocity. The movement signifies CatOne’s unwavering commitment to progress, constantly aligning with the forefront of technology, trends, and expertise. Moreover, the vibrant hue of orange serves as a vibrant emblem of energy, creativity, innovation, and the joy derived from empowering our clients to realize their aspirations.

CatOne is dedicated to providing efficient and professional services that reflect our industry expertise and passion, ensuring unparalleled support for our clients’ needs.

Thank You to our past, present, and future customers. 



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